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A Modern Ecommerce Site For The Whisky Barrel

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Launch Date
October 2016

The Story

The Whisky Barrel is an independent, Edinburgh based, online whisky specialist with over 1000 single malt, blended whiskies and an impressive collection of Scottish Gins.
The award-winning online retailer ships to over 50 countries worldwide so the creation of our third version of their online shop focused primarily on offering customers the easiest way possible of finding the right product, fast.

The Whisky Barrel devices
The Challenge
It was time to migrate their .com and websites to a more advanced platform that would allow more opportunities for development. Magento offers a range of extensions and the ability to set up multiple storefronts in different languages and currencies.
The Solution
We integrated GeoIP which detects the visitor’s location. It’s then able to redirect to the appropriate website for their location and display the relevant currency. At checkout, the website automatically selects their country and, where possible, their US state. Customers search for whiskies in a number of different ways such as the age, distillery and the year it was bottled. It was therefore necessary to integrate a sophisticated search engine, which Sphinx is able to provide. Sphinx also handles common misspellings and allows attribute ranking so some are weighted higher than others in the search. This has made a big improvement to the overall user experience.
The Whisky Barrel mobile

A New Start

The Whisky Barrel had previously relied on a number of manual processes to manage stock, track accounting information and provide ongoing contact to customers. We integrated Brightpearl which offers a more streamlined process to reduce manual order administration for the team. We were delighted to work with the team at The Whisky Barrel for their new website. The improved design and ecommerce platform now offers visitors an exceptional user experience across all devices.
A New Start


Magento Integration
Magento allowed us to tailor The Whisky Barrel’s website to their exact requirements due to the high degree of flexibility it offers. We were able to create an exceptional user experience as well as make business processes easier for the team.
GeoIP Integration
GeoIP is a very useful integration for The Whisky Barrel as it's able the detect where the user is located to display the relevent currency and shipping rates.
Brightpearl Integration
We integrated the website with Brightpearl to help The Whisky Barrel team manage various aspects of the business more efficiently. All order, product, stock and customer management is done through Brightpearl by seamlessly connecting to the Magento database.
Sphinx Integration
Due to the high volume of products that The Whisky Barrel sell, we integrated Sphinx as it scales extremely well to large amounts of data. It also allows visitors to find the most relevant search results quickly, helping improve to user experience.


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