We’ve been at it a while

Digital Six® was established in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1999. That means we’ve been doing what we do for… well, a very long time. We offer forward thinking retailers a simple and effective way to take their business online. Digital Six® designs and develops some of the UK’s leading ecommerce websites and is one of the longest established ecommerce agencies going.

 We’ve got some very clever people in our team

Yes, Digital Six® Technical Team, we mean you. Without their coding wizardry, the fine tuning and customisation of every minuscule element which contributes to the success of our online enterprises would be left untouched. They develop our ecommerce solutions and they programme each website with performance as top priority. We like to think of them as our unbeatable edge.

We know our search engine stuff

And that’s a good thing because when you get your shiny new online shop, you’re going to want sales. Our in-house SEO and online marketing expertise goes into every single ecommerce website we create, which means yours will hit the ground running.

We’re a friendly bunch

No, there’s not exactly hundreds of us but we think that works to our advantage. When you work with us, you work with us closely. You get to know our first names, our favourite tipples and where we keep the biscuit tin. And we’re just on the other end of the phone if you’re needing any questions answered.