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Digital Six’s Most Popular Blog Posts in 2016

Most Popular Blog Posts 2016

Thank you to all our readers who visited our blog last year. We’re always interested to find out which topics are a hit! Last year’s stats showed us that our visitors have been interested in advice on a range of ecommerce activities, as well as the technical details of Solr integration for one of our website developments.

In case you missed them, here are the top five most read blog posts from last year:

No.1: Writing a Good Ecommerce Brief

When writing an ecommerce brief, there are many important details that should be included for agencies to be able to produce a quote. It that seems a lot of people are looking for help with how to write a good brief, as this was not only our most popular post of last year, but of all time!

No.2: What to Look for When Recruiting Ecommerce Staff

If you’re looking to add a new ecommerce specialist to your team in the new year, this blog post is well worth a read! Find out what to include in your job spec to help you find the right person for the job.

No.3 Considering Global Ecommerce Marketplaces

This golden oldie has had a recent update so you may want to revisit this one if you’ve had a read in the past! We’ve included some useful information with links to help if your company is considering going global.

No.4 Developing with Solr Integration for Bookdonors

When developing a new website for Bookdonors last year, it was important that their vast number of products didn’t cause speed issues. Find out how Apache Solr integration helped solve this problem and enhanced user experience.

No.5 Five Steps for Optimising Images

Did you know that by optimising your website’s images, this can help improve both user experience and SEO? We put together five simple steps to help you master the art of optimising images for your website.

This year you can expect more useful blog articles to help improve your ecommerce site, as well as various marketing tips from social media engagement to email campaigns. Keep an eye out of all of this and much more!

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