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Considering Global Ecommerce Marketplaces

Considering Global Marketplaces

It is easier than it has ever been for online retailers to sell internationally and companies can accelerate their growth by using established shopping channels. For a long time UK retailers have embraced marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, which facilitate product sales for customers based in the USA and Europe. Digital Six has seamlessly integrated many of our client’s websites with these marketplaces, many of whom have seen a dramatic increase in sales as a result. However, retailers are less savvy when it comes to capturing sales from the rest of the world, leaving countries like China and India relatively untapped.

Part of the reason why UK retailers haven’t successfully sold in Asian marketplaces is they don’t know where to start. The market is huge and language can be a barrier. However, British companies shouldn’t ignore this opportunity as they can choose from over 400 different worldwide marketplaces, many of which are niche marketplaces specialising in specific product types such as luxury goods.

The Department for International Trade produced a slide that showcases the main marketplaces around the world and as we can see Amazon is only dominant in western countries. T-mall, for example, dominates China.

UKTI popular marketplaces

Finding the Right International Marketplace

The Department of International Trade is works with retailers to help them internationalise through their e-Exporting programme. They work with UK retailers to help them select the most relevant international marketplaces for their products. DIT use a “data-led” approach that takes consumer behavioural data from e-marketplaces and social media platforms and tells retailers what consumers are most interested in.

Exporting to China

You can find the latest China export opportunities for British companies on the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) website. These cover various sectors from retail to food and drink. CBBC also help British companies through their Business Support Services and by holding regular events in London.

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