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The New Digital Six Website

New Digital Six website

Welcome to our new website!

With all the sleek new sites we’ve been developing for our clients recently, we thought it was about time our own site had a make-over! It’s been a year and a half since the last version of our website, so we had lots of ideas of how we could make it more engaging and up-to-date.

H&I Timeline portfolio example


Every page has been redesigned with better imagery and more detailed information. Our portfolio was one of the main areas of focus as we want to showcase our ecommerce projects the best way we can. We feel that the portfolio pages can now give visitors a better idea of what we achieved for each project.

Whisky Barrel portfolio example


We’re proud of the integration and solutions partners we work with, so the Our Partners page has had a refresh. You can now find out why we work with each partner and what they offer to ecommerce businesses.

We also have the addition of a Support Packages page so now visitors can quickly find out what’s included in each package along with the prices.

So have a look for yourself! We’re really pleased with the results of our new site and hope that you like it too!

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