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A rapid-response SEO strategy and PPC expansion into new and existing markets

A sustained decline in organic search performance

Candle Shack originally approached us looking for help tackling a post-pandemic slowdown in organic search performance. The business had always been successful organically - but a changing landscape, increasing competition and underlying structural changes to their website meant that the business needed a renewed focus on ecommerce SEO, while looking at opportunities to expand using PPC.

Rapid-response SEO, with PPC expansion into new and existing markets

Our initial SEO investigations identified issues with canonicalisation and internationalisation, which were creating duplication and wasting crawl budget. Recent changes to product configuration had altered the site structure in ways which changed how search engines understood and digested the site. We worked closely with the incumbent developer and internal teams to ensure that the core issues were resolved and to put the business back on a more solid organic footing.

Having delivered our initial analysis and worked with the business to resolve key issues, the next step was to work with Candle Shack to develop an ongoing strategy for growth via both PPC & SEO. Over the course of the relationship we’ve provided flexible support, from strategy development, to training internal teams, and providing hands-on channel execution - adapting to suit the needs of the business as they’ve evolved.

We've been able to respond quickly and continually evolve our approach across multiple channels to meet the client's needs.

The results

of target keywords improved rankings in the last month
new top-3 rankings in the last month
increase in PPC revenues year-on-year
non-brand ROAs maintained throughout growth

"The digital six team has done so much for our brand. Not only have they stepped in on various SEO bits that we reached out for, they proactively contact us when they think we can be doing something better. They've really listened to our goals and problems and have done their best to fix them. It's taken a weight off our shoulders to have them support us as we go through the next phase of growth."

Prema Chablani CMO, Candle Shack

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