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We’ve been providing ecommerce PPC services from our Edinburgh HQ for two decades, supporting everyone from start-ups to big-name brands.


Understanding your business and goals, we analyse technical account setup and past performance. Assessing market position and customer base, we prioritize opportunities across channels. Collaborating with you, we develop a focused PPC strategy for tangible results.


From campaign types to tracking setup, we specialize in optimizing PPC elements. Whether driving delivery or training internal teams, we tailor tactics to meet your unique business challenges.


As your ecommerce PPC specialist, we prioritize long-term growth through continual measurement, data analysis, and a proactive test-and-learn approach. Regular reporting and communication keep us agile, allowing us to seize new opportunities and scale services as needed.

Our ecommerce PPC services

Holistic approach

PPC can be incredibly powerful in ecommerce, but it doesn't exist in isolation. Success is built on so much more. From your understanding of your customer, to your creative proposition, your product offer and your website's ability to convert - everything is connected. Our multi-skilled team will always assess the full spectrum of your business, adapting and prioritising the actions that will bring the best chances of success.

eCommerce expertise

PPC experience does not always equal ecommerce PPC experience. We're not only PPC experts - we create, develop and innovate across the entire ecommerce space. This means we have a deep knowledge of industry-standard tools, technologies and best-practices that we can apply to your business. For the past 20 years we've overcome the common hurdles, the not-so-common hurdles, and seen every possible combination of poorly performing setup you could imagine. You can trust us to get yours right.

In-house technical support

Our expertise in ecommerce web development means we can advise-on and create bespoke ecommerce SEO solutions that most dedicated ecommerce marketing agencies can't. We specialise in Magento 2, BigCommerce and Shopify development, as well as cutting-edge Headless and Composable Commerce solutions. Combining our technical ability with our comprehensive PPC skillset means we can discover and deliver the most impactful improvements for your business.

Rapid-response SEO, with PPC expansion into new and existing markets

Candle Shack | SEO & PPC

Case study
Candle Shack case study
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