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January 2021


Nestled against the Drumgoyne Hill, just north of Glasgow with the mountains of Loch Lomond in the distance, the Glengoyne Distillery has been producing single malt whisky for over nearly 200 years. Savoured by customers globally, Glengoyne single malt whisky is distilled more slowly than any other, being famously unhurried since 1833. Recently undergoing a brand refresh, it was time to take the online offering from Glengoyne to the next level with a Progressive Web App.

The Challenge
The website needs to perform multiple functions from providing info about the brand history and heritage, to product sales, online tastings and distillery tour bookings. Unifying the online experience by restructuring the site and making the navigation more intuitive, particularly for mobile users, was vital for improving UX. It was also important to develop a system for the team at Glengoyne to allow them to easily manage the platform via [the incredibly powerful] Prismic CMS.

Every minute savoured...

We combined the power of headless ecommerce, using Magento 2 PWA Studio and Prismic CMS, with the skills of our UX & design and development teams to create a powerful progressive web app that not only offers exceptional UX, it also offers the speed of an app with the usability of a fully-fledged website.

This allowed us to not only implement an e-commerce platform worthy of such a brand but also allows for the easy management of content by the team at Glengoyne.

...every hour appreciated

Our teams designed and developed a headless system that showcases the prestige of the brand, and the quality of products sold, on a PWA with a beautiful design. We also built custom product options, bespoke QR code and promotion features, as well as advanced communication functionality via push notifications, which naturally expanded the potential reach of their marketing activities.

User Experience was one of the top priorities for this project so we implemented our enhanced Server Side Rendering for super-fast page loading. In conjunction with a beautiful design, enhanced navigation and overall user journey improvements, we were able to produce a PWA that is beautiful from start to finish.

UX as smooth as single malt

A customer-first approach to Glengoyne's Progressive Web App lets visitors savour the delights of the brand, its history and heritage as much as the single malt itself. A smooth (and fast!) user journey that ensures easy purchases and bookings, with sleek design points that showcase the rich heritage associated with the distillery and its bottlings.

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