Edinburgh Gin

Headless ecommerce (Progressive Web App)

The Challenge

PWA - Magento PWA Studio
Food & Drink
Launch Date
September 2021

Scalability, performance, brand activation, customer experience.
Founded in 1933, Ian Macleod Distillers (IMD) is a family-owned business that has grown to be the world’s 10th largest scotch whisky company. Their growing portfolio includes well-known whisky, gin, vodka, rum and liqueur brands including Edinburgh Gin, Tamdhu, Smokehead, Glengoyne, Rosebank and Langs Rum.
With the rapid growth of the parent company and their brands, IMD were facing scalability challenges with their direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering. Running multiple complex disparate legacy systems was causing logistical headaches and increasing costs.
The backend management of inventory and infrastructure was a struggle but inconsistencies and limitations with customer-facing content stopped brands like Edinburgh Gin from showcasing their unique identity.

The Solution

A streamlined headless architecture and suite of lightning-fast progressive web apps.

Digital Six aimed to streamline IMD’s customer, sales and inventory management processes into one central system for all of their brands. We replaced the mish-mash of legacy systems with one simple, powerful instance of Magento 2, efficiently linked to a new suite of beautifully-designed progressive web apps (PWAs).
Our design and front end development teams worked closely with Edinburgh Gin’s brand team to make their unique collective vision a reality. Harnessing the power of Adobe PWA studio and Prismic CMS, we created a visually-stunning experience with unique touches of movement and parallax - smoothly delivered at warp speed on any screen size.

Between the headless architecture and customisable CMS, Edinburgh Gin now have the flexibility to continue to evolve and develop their brand within this platform, while embracing new technologies and growth opportunities as they arise.
The Benefits
A front-end that’s faster and feature-rich, with improved flexibility. Part of a streamlined structure that delivers lower ongoing costs.
Speed improvements
A mobile-optimised browsing experience, reducing bounce rate and improving SEO performance.
App-like functionality
With awesome features like push notifications, offline browsing, camera access and QR code scanning.
Flexible landing pages
To allow us to bring their brand to life.
Streamlined checkout process
With tour booking rolled-in, increasing average order value.
A single shared Magento admin instance
Customer, sales and inventory management centralised for all brands.

The Results

A fast, future-proofed, fantastic-looking and fully-featured new site.
increase in
conversion rate
reduction in
mobile bounce rate
in organic
saved on
infrastructure costs

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