Shopify Project For W. Armstrong & Son

Shopify Project
Launch Date
June 2017

The Story

W. Armstrong & Son is Edinburgh’s famous vintage store - filled with antique uniforms, vintage handbags, hats and clothes from every decade. Established in 1840, the company has evolved into three retail stores as well as an eBay shop.

Armstrongs Shopify Project
The Challenge
Although eBay will always have a place in the business, Armstrongs wanted to sell directly to customers through their own online store. A dedicated ecommerce platform would allow Armstrongs to sell their vintage clothing and accessories worldwide, without the fees associated with marketplaces such as eBay. It would also enable Armstrongs to showcase their brand and product offering on a visually appealing and engaging platform.
Armstrongs vintage website
The Solution
Built on Shopify, we were able to design and develop a user friendly site with all the required functionality. This includes an intuitive filter to help customers easily find the products they’re searching for and a display of ‘related products’ which can help increase the average order value. The introduction of their ecommerce website has helped streamline business processes for the Armstrongs’ ecommerce team. For example, the implementation of inkFrog extension lets them quickly upload and manage their products on eBay. It also syncs their inventory, which is important since each product is one of a kind.

Updating Followers

Instagram is an important social channel for Armstrongs due to the visual nature of this particular platform. Instagram lets their followers see what's new and be inspired by their styling. To help further increase their following, we added a gallery to the bottom of the homepage that automatically links to their Instagram account. The team can now also reach their customers through effective email marketing. We integrated Mailchimp due to its excellent marketing capabilities such as automated abandonment emails and customer segmentation.
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