Our Approach


We’ve been in the ecommerce game for quite a while now. Our client base is made up from a number of well-known (pretty awesome!) brands so our expertise puts us in prime position to help funded start-ups or businesses looking to evolve their offering to include ecommerce.


Unlike other web development companies, our focus is on making your introduction to ecommerce a profitable one. Having a site full of bells and whistles might look good but does it drive those all important sales?


Through our phased development approach, your website can grow and develop as your business does, with strategic decisions being based on real data. Our approach also enables you to control the level of financial commitment associated with embarking on your ecommerce journey.
Successful Launch
You’ve successfully launched an ecommerce channel and it has proven to be a viable and profitable sales channel for you, but now you want to really begin to develop the ecommerce side of your business.
Ecommerce Results
Growing a successful ecommerce channel isn’t just about building a pretty website. It is a strategic process that evolves, which is the main reason we take a phased approach to our work. Here at Digital Six we’ve thrived on helping our clients achieve real success over the years; we do ecommerce and we do it brilliantly!
Multi-Channel Integration
We’ll help you determine the best ecommerce channels to promote your products. With multi-channel integrations such as eBay or Amazon, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your business throughout the variety of online marketplaces that exist – we’ll help you choose the right one!
International Ecommerce
Demonstrating your knowledge of an international marketplace, from the moment a user lands on your website, is fundamental to establishing trust and encouraging sales. When engaging international shoppers, seamless localisation is key; that is, providing an equally outstanding shopping experience to a visitor in USA as a visitor from the UK.
International Marketplaces
Our specialised localisation techniques ensure visitors to your website, from outside your primary marketplace country, are presented with prices in the local currency, the correct language, and relevant promotions.
Target Audiences Worldwide
We can also support your internationalisation with country specific SEO and specifically targeted PPC & Product Listing Adverts; a SEO and digital marketing strategy so your products are shown to those who matter the most, customers!
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