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February’s Top 5 Must-Reads for Online Retailers

February's Top 5 Must-Reads for Online Retailers

There’s been lots going on in the world of ecommerce this month, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite articles from around the web to help keep you up-to-date. Whether you’re interested in web design, the latest marketing tools or launching a new product, February’s round-up has it all covered. Grab yourself a cuppa!

1. Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp Integration Isn’t Complicated, 8 Things to Know
You may have heard in recent news that Facebook have plans to merge Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. Find out what this means for users, marketers and businesses in this article by Small Business Trends.

2. ‘Amazon Moments’ tool gives brands new way to build, deliver loyalty campaigns
If you sell on Amazon, you may be interested in the new ‘Amazon Moments’ tool that’s just been launched. This cross-platform solution allows brands to create cost-per-action loyalty campaigns via their website or app. Find out more in this article by Marketing Land.

3. The Latest Google Search Console Updates: What You Need to Know
There have been more and more features added to the new version of Google Search Console and it can be hard to keep up with the latest updates. Luckily, Search Engine Journal have rounded up everything you need to know about the latest developments.

4. How to Plan a New Product Launch on Social Media
Social media can be a powerful tool for launching a new product. To help make your next campaign a success, have published a comprehensive step-by-step guide with examples.

5. 10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2019
If you’re thinking about a redesign for your site this year, you might want to take some inspiration from this article. Design shack have put together 10 web design trends – from micro-animations to blob shapes!


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