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Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now spring is in full swing, there’s no better time to refresh your digital marketing strategy for the season. We’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist to help bring your strategy to life, help plant the seed of success and watch your ecommerce business bloom!

1. Tend to your strategy

Take a look back at your strategy and review your progress. As your business grows, your priorities will change and therefore so will your strategy. Ask yourself if there are any new metrics that you want to track or anything you want to shift focus away from.

2. Spruce up your Social Media

When reviewing your social media profile performance, check the engagement rate of your audience and ensure you’re focusing your marketing efforts on the channels that work best for your ecommerce business. Consider brightening up your messaging and images too for the new season.

3. Prune your email marketing lists

Have a look through your customer list and make sure all your subscribers are up to date and engaging with your content. Think about your content plan for the season, whether you’ll be promoting any new products, spring bestsellers or any seasonal discounts.

4. Dust off your paid campaigns

Look at your campaigns with a fresh eye, review performance and don’t be scared to freshen things up. Clear out your keywords, make sure you’re still targeting the right ones and review the negatives to avoid any wasted spend.

5. Freshen up your creatives

Finally, there’s no better time than now to freshen up your creatives, especially if you have any new seasonal products or collections!

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