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Romanticise your e-commerce marketing this Valentine’s Day

With the day of love fast approaching many people across the globe will be shopping for gifts to spoil their significant others, friends, pets and even themselves this Valentine’s Day.

According to research by statista, in the UK online shopping for Valentine’s Day related items was down 2% in 2023, although the number of items and number of purchases increased. However, e-commerce sales dropped overall, and so did average order value.

We can only predict what this year’s figures will look like, but last year’s data suggests there is all the more reason to get ahead and maximise on your e-commerce marketing Valentine’s Day strategy this year with our top tips!

1. Learn your customer’s love language

Review your data from last year over the Valentine’s Day sales period so that you can customise your campaign plan, and get your re-marketing lists up to date!

2. Dare to be different

It’s easy to get caught up in the traditional Valentine’s Day themes, but personalising your strategy will make your campaigns stand out! Valentine’s Day isn’t for every brand or customer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of the day by making it your own.

3. Show your appreciation for your customers

Spoil your subscribers with early access to collections, promotions and discounts. If you have gift cards too, this can be a great way to catch last minute-shoppers or long distance lovers!

4. Tell a love story with your creatives

There are loads of opportunities to get creative when it comes to Valentine’s Day content, whether it be heartwarming videos or sharing the love of your current customers with some UGC.

5. Win the hearts of new customers with prospecting 

It’s not too late to get people to fall in love with your brand in time for Valentine’s Day, use paid social or PPC campaigns to chase that extra traffic!

6. Engage through organic

Don’t forget to make the most of your social media pages this Valentine’s Day and spread the love of your products or promotion with hashtags, giveaways and blog posts!

7. Celebrate all types of love

Finally, Valentine’s isn’t just about romantic love, make sure you’re including everyone in your strategy. From self love, to Galantine’s, to pet lovers, the day is for everyone, and showing your consideration for all customers is essential!

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