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Google Shopping Updates

Google Shopping Updates

Here at Digital Six we like to keep you up-to-date with all of the latest happenings in the world of ecommerce so we thought we’d let you know about the most recent Google Shopping updates. Google’s aim for these up-dates is to provide those searching for your products a much richer experience, as well as simplifying the processes involved in providing feed information. User experience, as always, is key.

Google is a constantly evolving machine, responding to the ever changing internet habits of the masses, both globally and nationally; as ever, they’ve been busy. Back in June, Google announced updates for Google Shopping taxonomies and feed specifications, and yesterday the introduction of a suite of automated bidding solutions for Google Shopping campaigns was publicised.

Google Shopping Feed Specification & Taxonomies Update

The bulk of the changes applied to the feed specifications concern Google Shopping channels out with the UK. However, one applicable amendment is the release of stable numeric Google Product Category IDs; these can also be provided as values for the Google Product Category attribute simplifying the feed process.

Product taxonomy updates do apply to Google Shopping in the UK. Product taxonomy paths have been simplified in a number of categories. Additional categories have been added to verticals with some of these undergoing a fairly significant overhaul. Consequently, it is very much worth checking your existing Google Shopping set-up to make sure it complies with these amendments. The bulk of these changes will be enforced globally on the 15th of September so any required changes to your shopping feed must be carried out before then.

Automated Bidding Solutions

Google announced the introduction of a suite of automated bidding solutions in Adwords for Google Shopping adverts. In the words of Google, these bidding solutions allow you to “go beyond manual max CPC bidding to deliver specific bids for each auction, tailored to people’s context.

More control over bidding strategies for Google Shopping adverts will allow advertisers to manage their bidding much more efficiently and effectively, resulting in cost savings and increased ROI.

As with anything, Google related there are a number of published articles that offer more in depth explanation of the impact these changes will have on advertisers in the UK and further afield. Check out the links below for more information from Google.

Google Shopping Feed & Taxonomy Update
Automated Bidding Solutions for Google Shopping

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