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GDPR Opportunities

GDPR Opportunities

There’s no getting away from the fact that the introduction of the new GDPR is creating a lot of work for everyone. Whether it’s sorting out employee data processes or contacting your database to ensure you have a) consent and b) a record of the consent being granted, it takes up precious resources.

From a marketing perspective, the process of contacting your entire database to request specific marketing consent will undoubtedly mean that your database will shrink to an extent; those who decide not to engage further cannot be contacted going forward as consent has not been given.

It’s Not All Doom & Gloom!

However, this process is also an excellent opportunity to re-engage with your audience. Remind them about your brand and what you have to offer; they may have forgotten about your products and a reminder could encourage them back to your store and re-establish the relationship. Point out why they should continue the relationship; this doesn’t just mean promotions, it means being able to provide them with valuable and informative content such as style guides, lookbooks or help & advice (this will clearly differ by industry).

Be friendly and open – let people know why you are contacting them for consent – this instils trust and reassurance that you are taking the security of your audience’s data seriously.

May is not far away so don’t put off dealing with GDPR! The penalties for non-compliance are harsh so dealing with the implementation of sound processes within your organisation is far less traumatic than dealing with a penalty!

We’ve put together a selection of links from the Information Commissioner Office that outline the requirements of the new GDPR and provide guidance on how to make the necessary changes to all of your data processing, not just marketing!

Read the ICO’s Full Guide to GDPR.

Advisory Note:

The contents of this article does not constitute legal advice of any kind so should not be considered as such. It is recommended that independent legal advice should be sourced from your legal representative.This article is designed to highlight the various elements of data gathering, protection and use for your business, and your customers, that should be given further consideration prior to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations being rolled out in May 2018. It is recommended that you seek a legal assistant to ensure your business complies with the new GDPR.

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