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Amazing Results for ETB Technologies

Amazing Results for ETB Technologies

Digital Six was delighted to design and develop ETB Technologies’ new website on the Magento Community Platform. ETB Technologies is a leading supplier of refurbished server and storage equipment, carrying one of the largest stocks worldwide of Dell Enterprise level equipment and offering same day shipping to any destination.

The new ecommerce website was launched by Digital Six in June and has been a massive success, exceeding expectations. The new sales generated  have had a major impact on the business with the recruitment of new staff to cope with the influx of orders. When comparing September 2014 with online sales in September 2013 the improvement is shown below:

  • Conversion Rate:  ↑ 2,615.10%
  • Number of Transactions: ↑ 5,100.00%
  • Revenue: ↑ 10,830.27%
  • Average order value: ↑ 110.20%

It is amazing what a redesign can do to improve the perception of the brand and provide customers with the confidence to purchase.  It wasn’t just online orders that improved. Telephone sales increased 5 x since the site launch.  Overseas sales that can be attributed to the website either placed online or by telephone have tripled, and some of these have been for high end items so is a much greater increase in profit terms.

What ETB says:
“The Digital Six team completely understood our requirements from the time of the very first meeting. Your team has a great balance of expertise in each of the technical, design, marketing and SEO areas and this is what lead to an extremely successful result for us. The sales results that we have achieved over the first 3 months have far exceeded our expectations and have produced a full return on investment in that time.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody else (except my competitors).”



More details about the project

The main deliverables of the ETB Technologies project were to:

  1. Create a new inspiring design  in line with the brand, whilst also increasing the effectiveness for improved sales and conversions.
  2. Facilitate more customer engagement through social networking opportunities, email marketing and appealing website content.
  3. Roll out an improved ecommerce platform so that ETB Technologies would run more efficiently.
  4. Enable seamless integration with marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.
  5. Establish a platform that would allow ETB Technologies to rapidly expand its ecommerce offering in the future including an international growth strategy and tapping into new markets.

Our Solution
Digital Six discussed the solution at length with ETB Technologies and it was agreed that Magento Community would be perfect platform for the project.  The software would be flexible enough for the company to expand its product range in the future together with offering the ability for ETB Technology to have multiple websites under the same control panel. Magento Community is also easy to use and offers a streamlined ecommerce environment to ensure that all orders are handled quickly and efficiently. It also offers excellent integration with ERP and ePOS systems, which ETB highlighted as a future requirement.

Bespoke Development
Magento Community also allows for custom development which was a key component of the ETB Technologies project.  Many of their server products are customisable and customers configure servers to meet their own specifications. They can use the website to select their chassis model, CPU, Ram, Raid Controller, Hard Drive and a number of other optional elements.  The server configurator has proven to be a highly successful feature for ETB Technology and their customers.



Our Design
A fully responsive design was recommended  to ETB Technologies to provide an optimal browsing experience regardless of the device or screen resolution. Implementing a responsive design allowed ETB Technologies to cater  for a wider site within the responsive increments to make better use of space available on larger monitors. The ETB Technologies design caters for and responds to the following sizes:

  • Full width
  • Standard
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Ecommerce Award Finalists

The website design is clean, user friendly and adheres to ETB Technologies’ brand guidelines.

Digital Marketing
Google Shopping was set-up to allow ETB Technologies to target their products types more efficiently.  Before the launch, very little digital marketing was undertaken and it was clear that they were losing customers and sales to competitors.  Therefore, an optimised Google Shopping campaign was created aimed at targeting new customers and increasing online sales and conversions.

The results of the campaign have been excellent so far with the ETB Technologies benefiting from more targeted and relevant traffic.  For example, a simple search on Google for Dell Blade Servers has ETB Technologies products coming up with at the top right of the Google search box.

Online Channels & Marketplaces
Through the use of Magento Community, ETB Technologies now integrates their product database with eBay.  All of this in controlled via the Magento admin system and allows for seamless integration with this online channel. Magento Community makes managing this process simple and helps ETB Technologies reach customers who regularly purchase servers from eBay.

The results for ETB Technologies speak for themselves.  The increased traffic, sales and average order value that the website is now delivering together with a growth in offline sales have far exceeded the company’s original targets and expectations.  As a result of the current website’s success, ETB Technologies is now looking towards expanding further with a new online project which will sit alongside and compliment their new website. Watch this space.

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