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Boxing Day Sales – is your eCommerce business ready?

As one of the busiest shopping days of the year, there are lots of opportunities for your ecommerce business when it comes to Boxing Day sales.

PWC’s data suggests there is an 8% lower spend for consumers on festivities and gifting at Christmas, so with this added pressure for companies to clear stock, the competition can be high.

We’ve put together some last-minute helpful tips so you can make sure your website is ready, balance your marketing efforts across key channels, and maximise the potential of your Boxing Day Sale as much as possible!

  1. Analyse your data

Take a look at your sales data from this Christmas and last year, gather some information from your past sale, and look at how people responded to your previous marketing efforts. By doing this you can save time and be ready to put your Boxing Day sale in front of the right people, especially when it comes to remarketing and making sure your lists are up to date.

  1. Update your landing pages

You want your sale to be as easily accessible as possible when customers land on your website. Consider having a specific landing page, and ensure that any website banners are promoting the sale and the offers available. This page will likely be the first thing customers see when they look for offers on your website or if you direct them here from ads, so make sure the page is attractive and engaging, and that the copy is up to date so customers know exactly what’s on offer.

  1. Use SEO

SEO can be a great way to maximise your Boxing Day sale traffic. Use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to optimise your sale pages with relevant keywords, build your pages early to give them the best chance of being discovered, and make sure you’re following best-practice by setting up your pages using the correct heading tags, meta information and image alt tags. These things will make your pages easier for users and search engines to understand.

Now your website is ready for your promotion, make sure your marketing efforts are ready to drive as much traffic as possible to your sale!

  1. Shout on social

After Christmas people will likely be scrolling their socials looking for deals, so keeping your pages up to date is an effective, cost-free way to promote your sale. Use high quality content, engaging copy, strong CTA’s and any appropriate hashtags, and be sure to keep up to date with likes, comments and shares too, especially in case customers have questions about what’s on offer.

  1. Send email marketing reminders

Let subscribers know about your sale, you don’t have to give details of the offer but even a little tease ahead of the day can entice shoppers to be on the lookout, especially if early access is an option. Make sure the emails are eye-catching enough for people to open them, with sale and any promotion details in the subject line, and ensure they are easy to click-through, ideally linking to your site as a way to increase traffic directly.

  1. Don’t forget about PPC

PPC is a great way to attract new shoppers looking for sales, but don’t forget about remarketing opportunities here too, if you can recapture the interest of people who have already interacted with your business, they are more likely to convert. Get your campaigns updated in advance so everything is ready to go as soon as the sale is live, and make sure your ad copy is up to date with all the information and some strong CTA’s.

Hopefully this guide will help you make use of all the opportunities you have and connect with your customers this Boxing Day!

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