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Announcement: Celebrating 20 Years of Ecommerce

Digital Six Celebrates 20 Years of Ecommerce

2019 is a special year for Digital Six as we’re celebrating 20 years of ecommerce. We have a number of exciting things planned as part of the celebrations including events and a series exploring how the ecommerce industry has evolved, and how Digital Six has become one of the UK’s most established digital agencies.

We’ll be taking a look at all things ecommerce from the past 2 decades including ecommerce platforms, digital marketing and delve into some of our most successful projects over the years.

20 Years of Ecommerce

Here we take a look back at Digital Six and the world of ecommerce. You can find out what we were up to in 2004 and how ecommerce has evolved over the years! Visit our 20 Years of Ecommerce page for more insights.

We’ll be adding to this section of our website over the coming months with a selection of articles, updates and more about the events we are running.

ETB Case Study - The Evolution of ETB

We’ll be focusing on the partnerships and projects Digital Six has worked on over the years, through which we’ll be talking about some of the amazing clients that we’ve worked with and the changes that we’ve gone through in terms of ecommerce platforms and digital marketing, amongst many other things!

We’ll also be shining a light on the humans that have made Digital Six what it is today. We’ll explore their thoughts on the industry and their insights and predictions for the next 20 years of ecommerce.

20 Years Event Series

Our free to attend event series, to celebrate 20 years of ecommerce, begins on Wednesday the 20th of November with our 20 Years of Digital Marketing: Look Back & Learn event at Norloch House!
This event is very much a learning opportunity for attendees to look back at the past 20 years of digital marketing for ecommerce, and what that means for the future. We’ll also be running surgery sessions where you can ask our advice on your digital offering, whether it’s PPC problem or your SEO success leaves a bit to be desired, Digital Six’s ecommerce experts will be on hand to chat to you about any concerns you might have about your ecommerce marketing campaigns or general ecommerce performance!

We’ll be announcing more about our event next week – we hope to see you there!

Keep track of our 20 Years of Ecommerce celebrations and events over the next 12 months by following us on social or keeping an eye on our 20 Years of Ecommerce page.

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