Welcome The New Digital Six® Website!

We might have been quiet over the past couple of months but we have certainly been busy. We’ve been developing several groundbreaking ecommerce websites; mainly on Magento and Shopify platforms, with a couple of others thrown in for good measure, including our own!

This is the biggest reincarnation of our website since 2011; we thought it was about time we freshened things up and highlight some of the exciting projects we’ve had the pleasure of being part of, with some of our pretty awesome clients.

Browsers, devices and the internet in general has changed significantly since 2011. We survived mobileggedon but having a fully responsive site really is essential for creating a positive user experience, regardless of why your website exists.

We are no different so it was time to show the world what we can REALLY do. We’ve listened to our clients, old and new, and taken on board their views when searching for the right Digital Agency to guide them on their ecommerce journey.

We think our new site represents Digital Six as a whole, as well as the types of services we offer; responsive ecommerce design and development, as well as digital marketing and SEO. Did you not offer these services before, we hear you cry?….yes we did, but now we are even more specialised than before. Our little Digital Six family has increased by a Developer and a Digital Marketing Manager, so we can dedicate much more focus on these specialities.

Digital Six really does cover everything ecommerce. It’s all we do and we do it brilliantly!

Digital Six
Digital Six Ltd, Great Michael House, 14 Links Place, Edinburgh,