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WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform for WordPress and it is one of the most trusted in the industry. Loved by large brands and smaller businesses alike, WooCommerce is ideal for those either starting on their ecommerce journey, or wanting to expand their ecommerce offering further.

Digital Six & WooCommerce

Digital Six’s WooCommerce Wizards have the technical know-how and experience to make your WooCommerce store not only look good but performs well. Whether you want to sell products, memberships or subscriptions, WooCommerce and Digital Six can make it happen.
WooCommerce From Digital Six

WooCommerce Development & Design

WooCommerce offers a highly scalable framework that allows your ecommerce website to grow as your business does. Our design and development teams work together to create a feature-rich website that looks awesome and offers your customers an exceptional user experience.

WooCommerce Integrations

WooCommerce will happily integrate with payment gateways, CRM systems, logistics and inventory management platforms. Our WooCommerce Wizards will make sure your integrations run smoothly to ensure your site visitors (and you!) get the best possible experience. For example, integrations such as Infusionsoft offer functionality that facilitates business growth. The software allows for fully automated processes that will provide your ecommerce store with the ability to do things such as up and cross sell products.

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WooCommerce SEO & Digital Marketing

WooCommerce and WordPress go together when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing. The platform enjoys the benefits of SEO extensions that can revolutionise the SEO capabilities of your ecommerce store. Both technical and on-page SEO are catered for meaning that your site will have the best possible start and can be easily managed going forward.
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