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Shopify is a feature rich responsive platform ideal for those who are looking to improve their current ecommerce website or looking to test the waters with a starter ecommerce solution. Its straightforward administration and simple, yet effective, features allow you to concentrate on growing your business further.

For high volume stores, Shopify Plus offers enterprise level performance. Benefits of Shopify Plus include a fully customisable checkout, a dedicated Merchant Success Manager, unlimited staff accounts and the ability to set up multiple storefronts and currencies.

Shopify & Digital Six

If you are looking for a UK Shopify Expert, get in touch. We are an ecommerce agency with Shopify Expert status and have had the pleasure of creating some beautiful ecommerce websites on Shopify recently. Take a peek at some of our Shopify ecommerce projects.
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Shopify Development & Design

Developing on Shopify begins with selecting a theme, which is then customised by our Shopify Experts to suit your brand guidelines and make sure your products get showcased in the best possible light. There are elements of a Shopify store that are straight “out of the box” and don’t need developed such as the checkout. This reduces the development time of the project meaning you get your products to market much quicker.

Shopify Integrations

The beauty of Shopify is that it allows the integration with many platforms to help you grow your customer base. Whether you are looking to expand into additional marketplaces with eBay or Amazon integrations, or you are looking for more detailed reporting to offer better customer insights, Shopify has an API or App that will do the trick. Shopify integrates seamlessly with all major social networks, with platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest having their own APIs.
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Shopify SEO & Digital Marketing

Shopify has been developed in a way that means it fulfils all the SEO requirements any other ecommerce platform does. It works exceptionally well with Universal Analytics and allows the application of may additional Analytics plug-ins such as enhance ecommerce and social tracking. As already mentioned, Shopify’s ability to integrate with a multitude of 3rd party platforms mean that email and social campaigns can be implemented and tracked with very little effort but with maximum return.

Shopify Strategy

Digital Six are Shopify Experts for a reason, we get results. We will work with you to improve your Shopify store but can also to create and implement a workable SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy. We understand that you have more pressing issues to deal with when running a business such as suppliers and dispatching orders. Therefore, we will always tailor our offering to make sure strategies are in line with available resources, are practical and will generate the desired results for your business.
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