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SEO & Digital Marketing For Ecommerce

To compliment our ecommerce development and design processes, our digital marketing and SEO activities are fully focused on your ecommerce success. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is involved from the very beginning of any project to make sure it hits the ground running. We work with you to implement a strategy to help you achieve your online targets and help you realise your ecommerce objectives.

Expand Your Market Reach With Digital Six

Whether you are looking to add Amazon or eBay to your ecommerce channel mix, or need some help reaching markets further afield, our digital marketing team offers scalable support services to meet the needs of your ecommerce project.

Ecommerce SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is without doubt one of the most cost effective ways to reach new customers. We know that it can be difficult to find time for this while you’re busy running your business, so that’s where our on-going SEO support can help.
Using the most relevant keywords and incentives for each webpage, we help you create metadata elements that can greatly improve rankings and encourage search users to click through to your site.
Key Phrase Analysis
We provide continual monitoring of key phrases and any changes in visitor behaviour to ensure content is optimised at all times.
Link Building
We identify any areas of opportunity for your company such as discussion forums, review sites and social networks. This highlights potential untapped industry areas where business relationships can be built, loyal customers gained and positive, relevant links achieved.
Technical SEO
This includes monitoring the technical aspect of your site and acting on findings, ensuring the site is compatible with any major search engine changes, and monitoring of sitemap activity and crawl errors.
Tracking & Analysis
In addition to our use of 3rd party tracking software, we also actively monitor and manage your Google Analytics account, and report on work carried to deliver your identified goals and business objectives.
Reporting & Feedback
In addition to analytical reports, you’ll receive regular email updates which track the progress of all identified target objectives relating to the on-going SEO strategy.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising comes in many formats and on different platforms, whether it’s a Google Shopping campaign or a Facebook "like" campaign, Digital Six has paid advertising covered.
Our marketing team firstly create an effective campaign plan, outlining your target audience and measurable goals. Once this is in place, we set up the campaign on your chosen platform, ensuring it is highly targeted to reach the right audience for maximum impact and minimum spend.
Social Media adverts are an increasingly popular and lucrative marketing method for ecommerce websites. Other paid advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads For Business are specifically designed for ecommerce - Google Shopping is just one example. Digital Six’s marketing team are experienced in setting up, managing and the optimisation of paid advertising campaigns that get results.
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Social Media

Whether you’re a new business wanting to build a following from scratch, or you’d like to drive more traffic from your social networks to your site, our marketing experts can help your social media activity make an impact. We have experience in managing a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Email Marketing & Strategy

Email marketing can help your company reach your target audience and build customer loyalty. If you’re wanting to get better results from your emails, our marketing team can help you do just that! We use various proven techniques to improve engagement levels and ultimately increase sales. These include:
  • Improving welcome email messaging to help encourage further engagement
  • Looking into the segmentation of your email database to ensure email communication sent to each segment is targeted appropriately and the recipients receive information that is relevant to them
  • Setting up the most appropriate email automations for your brand, such as a welcome series or personalised product recommendations
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