Shopify Project For PAINTPEOPLE

Shopify Project
Launch Date
August 2017

The Story

PAINTPEOPLE is a new online retailer selling a range of DIY products directly to the consumer. All the products have been tried and tested in trade environments, and are suitable for use in the home and outdoors. Whether the DIY project involves repairing a roof or painting floorboards, customers can rely on PAINTPEOPLE for their industrial products, without the technical jargon.

PAINTPEOPLE website screenshots
The Challenge
The website was developed using Shopify as this provided the functionality and user experience that was required. PAINTPEOPLE’s in-house design team provided us with their preferred design, which we then translated onto a Shopify theme. The type of products on offer posed their own challenge. Paints come in a vast array of different colours so many of the product pages were to feature colour swatches. We integrated an extension that lets visitors view and select from the different colour options, allowing them to easily purchase their colour of choice.
PAINTPEOPLE screenshot
The Solution
Shopify was the ideal solution for PAINTPEOPLE to showcase their products whilst offering an exceptional user experience. We implemented Google Shopping, enabling future Adwords Shopping campaigns to be created. This would be a great way to help increase visibility of the PAINTPEOPLE’s products on the web. Our team also implemented Feefo, which not only allows PAINTPEOPLE to gain valuable feedback on their products and the store as a whole, it also helps customers buy with confidence.

Expert Advice & Great Ideas

As well as finding the DIY products they’re looking for, visitors can also discover useful information from the ‘Advice & Ideas’ section. This features articles that cover a range of DIY topics including how to solve common problems like removing stubborn stains, and aspirational projects such as how to give your patio a makeover.
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