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HisColumn is a menswear brand offering clothing and accessories targeting a younger male demographic, creating looks for men who want to make a statement! The brand launched in August 2018 selling exclusively online. We began working with the HisColumn team at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019, who wanted to establish their brand and make an impact in their market.
Like us, they're forward-thinking and have big plans for the future, needless to say, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

HISCOLUMN & Digital Six
Challenging Times
To start with, the website was fairly basic and a number of optimisation improvements were identified during our initial review. Improvements were required on both the back and front-end of the website, all advertising accounts needed to be set-up as well as a full marketing strategy implemented (we like a challenge!).

Our technical team have made significant improvements to the website, enabling our marketing team to make leaps and bounds with the digital campaigns.

Find Your Freedom of Style

The initial plan focused on paid advertising via social (Facebook/Instagram), this was followed by Google Ads campaigns including Shopping, Video and Display, then email marketing was introduced. Once everything was in place, both technically and creatively, the 1st year allowed us to optimise existing campaigns and implement new ones, including digital campaigns to support traditional advertising activities, as well as extensive seasonal campaigns.
PPC Campaigns for Ecommerce from Digital Six

The Journey

Bid strategies, audience and location targeting and content optimisation were employed at every stage of the digital campaign process. Combined with website improvements, this allowed us to expand the reach of the digital campaigns and introduce the brand to different countries with online orders now coming from all over the world.
social media advertising for ecommerce from Digital Six

Collaborative Success

Our campaigns worked in conjunction with traditional advertising campaigns, as well as Influencers and other third parties, to ensure the furthest reach and the biggest return. Campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram and Mailchimp had their desired impact and increased pretty much every metric going including (but not limited to!) brand awareness, expanding their market reach and generating significant revenue growth.......the numbers speak for themselves!
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All the numbers....

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