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PPC or SEM....whatever you call it, paid online advertising as a sales channel increases your online visibility and allows your products and services to be discovered by the most relevant people; those who are actively looking for them!
PPC (pay-per-click) advertising comes in a variety of formats and on a multitude of different platforms. We will help you navigate through the choices and manage a solution(s) that works for your products and/or services.
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Digital Six is focused on driving valuable traffic, increasing conversions, revenue and ROI through our specialisations in Search, Mobile & Shopping ads. Whether it's a search campaign to promote a product launch or setting up Product Listing Adverts using Google Shopping, we've got you covered!

Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Twitter & More

Whether it’s a Google Ads search campaign, a Google Shopping campaign or a Facebook "like" campaign, Digital Six has PPC for ecommerce sites covered. Our skilled and certified team can offer a variety of ecommerce PPC services to meet your online objectives that achieve results.

Social Media adverts are an increasingly popular and lucrative marketing method for ecommerce stores. Other paid advertising solutions such as Google Ads, Google Shopping and Microsoft Ads are specifically designed for ecommerce.

PPC Management & Support

Our ecommerce marketing team firstly creates an effective campaign strategy, outlining your target audience and measurable goals. Once this is in place, the campaign is set-up on your chosen platform. Detailed targeting of campaigns to reach the right audience for maximum impact and minimum spend is at the forefront of any ecommerce PPC support solution we provide.
Digital Six’s certified marketing team are experienced in setting up, managing and the optimisation of paid advertising campaigns that get results. Get in touch to chat through your paid advertising options and find out how we can help.
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