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Optimisation Audits

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes on an issue to see a solution to the problem. Our Optimisation Audits are thorough and can cover any aspect of your ecommerce store. Your on-site technical SEO might need overhauled or your PPC strategy could do with a refresh, whatever element of your SEO and digital marketing activities need attention, we can help.

Technical SEO, PPC, Email & More

Our technical SEO audits cover the behind the scenes action associated with your website - no site visitor will ever know or care that it exists but it is essential for the overall health of your website. We also audit content, including metadata elements, as well as how well your domain performs in SERPS.

We can audit your PPC account to help you maximise ROI and revenue, as well as audits of merchant centres and feeds. The quality of data fed to 3rd party shopping channels such as Google or Amazon can significantly impact on things like ad rank and positioning. Our audits help you make the very most out of your product offering.
Audits by Digital Six

Customer Communication

Email and customer communication strategies often sound like a good idea at the time but if they are being poorly executed, they are unlikely to yield intended results. We can assess your strategy and implementation to help you make the most out of your email marketing, as well as identify areas for growth.
Let us know what your area of concern is and our audits will identify areas for improvement to help you maximise growth and return on investment.
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