Progressive Web Apps

We're dedicated to next generation shopping experiences and progressive web app technology from Magento PWA Studio allows us to do this.

The best of both worlds!

Utilising the reach of the web with the performance of a native app, PWAs combine the best of website functionality, app-like usability and speed to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience, all through the power of headless ecommerce progressive web app technology.

So what's the big deal about headless ecommerce? It's the detachment of the storefront from the back-end ecommerce solution so both elements operate independently but communicate via APIs. Meaning content creation and other customer-facing work can be done without the need to wait for back-end development work.

Headless ecommerce is flexible, fast, content focused and easy to manage

Increase conversions & revenue due to exceptionally smooth UI / UX

Meaningful engagement with customers through advanced communication features

Better Business

Reliability and stability. Even during peak demand, bandwidth requests are reduced as are the requirements per request

Easy to manage. The nature of headless ecommerce allows changes to be made quickly and easily, particularly where front-end content changes are concerned. Creating engaging landing pages allows your marketing efforts to work even harder at driving conversions.
Magento PWA Studio Ecommerce Progressive Web App

Better Performance

They're powerful. APIs in headless ecommerce allow you to integrate all of your existing systems (ERP, PIM, IMS etc) in your ecommerce back-end, in the programming language of your choice. This offers protection from shifts in technology and more freedom to adapt. Front-end applications are implemented using HTML and Javascript.

They're SEO friendly. PWAs are a search engine’s dream! Responsiveness, site speed and page experience are vital for organic visibility and PWAs offer superior levels of both. SEO is at the heart of all ecommerce development here at Digital Six and the performance scores of our PWAs are a testament to the effort we put into making sure your ecommerce offering is top-notch!

PWAs are flexible. Create feature-rich landing pages to showcase your brand and products to drive your conversions with engaging content your customers will come back for.
PWAs for ecommerce from Digital Six

Happy Customers

Super smooth. App-like usability with a frictionless checkout experience.

Easy install. PWAs are easy for your customers to install without the need to visit app stores so are added to the home screen with ease.

They’re compact. With PWAs largely being stored on a browser, unlike apps, they’re not as storage-greedy. Even with offline browsing, our PWA caching is capped to make sure your customers have no need to uninstall!

Increased Engagement

They’re Fast. Even those with the poorest of connections can still use the site with ease

They’re Engaging. Enhanced native communication features such as push notifications let you engage with your audience to increase conversions and lifetime value

Digital Six PWA on mobile devices
The Whisky Barrel
Pioneering Ecommerce With A PWA
Find out how we took The Whisky Barrel's shopping experience to the next level with a progressive web app built using Magento PWA Studio.

Our Approach To Every Ecommerce Project

Whether your ecommerce website needs a full rebuild or you are looking to improve your current offering, every single project is approached with the same level of detail.

  • From the very beginning, UX and SEO are a priority. We plan out your ecommerce website structure to ensure maximum usability, and visibility and our UX orientated design process focuses on CRO and providing your customers with an exquisite shopping experience.

  • Our Technical team is dedicated to finding technically innovative solutions to make sure your website is feature-rich and highly functional. Combine this with our comprehensive testing processes and the attention to detail from our Projects team, and your ecommerce website will be a winner.

  • We’re obsessed with results and making sure your business grows. We become an extension of your team with dedicated account managers, marketing, support and technical teams, your ecommerce website will be proactively supported to facilitate growth. From website improvement roadmaps to dedicated marketing support and management, we’re the first choice for ecommerce website development, support and marketing.


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